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Biography of Frames

The Concept Eye Clinic blog keeps you up to date on all the news direct from the Concept flagship clinic in Gosforth High Street Newcastle. Offers, events and new collections. Be informed and be concept life.

Götti Switzerland

Sean Ho

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When Concept first launched it’s flagship boutique collection almost ten years ago, Gold & Wood was the seminal luxury brand showcased here. It was a bold risk. Would our style savvy spectacle wearers be ready for this? Made from buffalo horn and sustainably sourced exotic fruit wood tree.  No one had heard of a brand with a seemingly impossible handcrafted-over-several-painstaking-days manufacturing process, but Concept believed in Gold & Wood. We adored the sheer beauty and elegance of the frame. Each frame crafted with the same dedication afforded a luxury musical instrument. And so, as we introject this legendary arrival into Concept folklore, and still true to the niche end of the market, we herald the arrival of Götti eyewear.

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Created by Swiss designer Sven Götti, the collection are made from horn to cool acetate and titanium designs. Götti glasses are rare optical art pieces that deliver simplicity and style in a product that is easily recognizable from other eyewear.

The titanium lightweight range consists of the Luke, Peggy, Vanni, Eric, Leroy, Jason, Jade and Kate frames. The acetate line consists of the Hank, Renee, Roy, Richi, Eugen, Ushi, Mark and Milan. Somewhat bolder frames, available in iridescent sharp colours. The natural horn glasses come in a square or oval lens: the Brandy, Akira, Alvin, Amber and Alina are unique. 

 newcastle opticians
 newcastle opticians

Götti frames are innovative and will not be found elsewhere. Once you acquire a Gotti, there’s no looking back.


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