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Safeguard Your Eyes

Sean Ho

 newcastle optician health

newcastle optician health

Do you know how much time your child is spending looking at their computer screen or tablet? In an age of fast paced, digital overload, we need to keep a check on how clearly we see and process the world around us. Do you know that eye muscles are the most active in our whole body and that ‘seeing’ is such a big part of every day life, it requires half of the brain to get involved; bearing in mind that that 80% of vision problems are preventable or curable, perhaps you need to give your eyes a break also? An article highlights a case to monitor this

At Concept our focus this coming month includes a special paediatric clinic and twilight appointments at our Tynemouth clinic for busy lives. A sight test can help detect early problems in children, such as amblyopia and squints, as well as problems with the front of the eyes for adults suffering redness, dryness, itchy eyes or a stinging sensation. 

This year, we introduced an advanced screening system to check the health of your eyes. The 3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scan analyses the retina and is progressive from digital photography to detect common and uncommon eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration and vitreous detachments. At the same time, we introduced a Zeiss 'I.Terminal2 which sounds a bit Star Trek and takes precise optical measurements. Associated with top quality camera lenses, our lens of choice, Zeiss digital are renowned for offering excellence in optical performance across a wide range of prescriptions (including bespoke lens sunglasses).

The Concept team have a passion for your eye care needs and will provide you with a first class service. We help make the patient journey seamless in a comfortable and creative ambience. From booking your first appointment to helping you choose the right frame or lens, our relationship with you is based on trust. The health of your eyes is important to us because your vision is priceless.  

Book your appointment today:

Twilight (late) clinic at Tynemouth: 0191-2966124
3rd   December
17th December

Children’s Clinic at Gosforth: 0191-2851603
22nd December


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