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Biography of Frames

The Concept Eye Clinic blog keeps you up to date on all the news direct from the Concept flagship clinic in Gosforth High Street Newcastle. Offers, events and new collections. Be informed and be concept life.


Sean Ho

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As the cold, dark winter evening drew closer and, some of us with seasonal haste or fatigue either ventured home or courageously buckled on to tackle shopping lists, something extraordinary was happening on the high street..

A bold venture it seemed.

The region’s first ever Eye Wear fashion event took place on December 10th at the flagship Concept Eye Clinic in Gosforth, lighting up the high street as a style beacon in it’s wake. Arousing wonder from passers by and warmly beckoning you in through the looking glass, the invitation from Concept was rather more personal than cordial.

It was a celebratory party atmosphere. Champagne, canapés, bespoke design and music flowed to launch some of the most exciting and exclusive hand made frame collections from the House of Gotti, Vinylize, Lafont and Italia Independent. The models showcasing the new collections reflected different looks for men and women with individual, idiosyncratic style and character

Vik, the man behind the vision eight years ago, welcomed the gathering

“We seem to have come a long way since we opened our flagship clinic in Gosforth. I’m delighted that Concept has maintained it’s place as a North East destination for eye care, and innovation in style and clinical technology. Our frames provide their own narrative, and are discerningly chosen with You in mind. Thanks to your support and loyalty, the story continues.”

In the beginning, the quest for rare, clever and beautiful began with Gold & Wood, but would our style savvy spectacle wearers be ready for this? Made from buffalo horn and sustainably sourced exotic fruit wood tree.  No one had heard of a brand with a seemingly impossible handcrafted-over-several-painstaking-days manufacturing process, but we believed in the magic of Gold & Wood. We adored the sheer beauty and elegance of each frame, crafted with the same dedication afforded a luxury musical instrument.

The stars of this evening had their own narrative. Created by Swiss designer Sven Götti, the frames are made from edgy titanium designs and are a joy to hold. Lafont and Italia Independent brought a touch of the continent. Alluring with histrionic undertones, from the makers of Ferrari, Italia is design with attitude.  Lightweight titanium and softly rubberised material from the legendary motor's interior. And one of our favourites.. Vinylize. A rare tribute to vinyl music and exclusive to Concept. Hand crafted in Budapest from re-mastered records, polished and presented in a 7” single case.

As the evening drew to a reluctant close, guests chatted excitedly, recounting their personal experiences with Concept, it was humbling to listen to. “This has been a crazy, fabulous evening! A fashion show party at the opticians on a Thursday night! Will you do this again?”  Perhaps.

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