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Christmas Kids Clinic

Sean Ho

 newcastle opticians christmas

One of the busiest days we’ve had the pleasure of hosting took place yesterday at Concept Eye Clinic in Gosforth. Young patients were entertained with cartoons, animation, sweet treats and mince pies. Concept ‘Elves’ opened the clinic door with a warm welcome this morning. Children were settled into the cinema seating resplendent with plush throne, red carpet and a festive sweet tray. Parents sipped coffee and let the stress of shopping and bustle gently wear away. 

Perhaps it’s a strange time to do this just before Christmas? Probably the best time as it happened. 

Poor sight can affect a child’s ability to learn and impact on their behaviour, yet often goes unrecognised by teachers, parents and by the children themselves. The sooner vision problems are detected - the better the outcome and quality of life. We believe a sight test can give every child the ability to see clearly, learn effectively and boost their self confidence.

Despite a busy clinic (and I mean busy), our star optometrist saw a couple of ‘walk in’ children with sore/ injured eyes. Parents were delighted and reassured. Notwithstanding a physical injury, we find that children will invariably not tell you if they are struggling with their sight. Unsurprisingly a lot of people do not tend to get their sight checked until problems develop in later life, by which time their vision may sadly have deteriorated.

Do not expect your child to tell you if they are unable to see properly. Children assume that the way they see is normal.

Concept Eye Clinic's campaign about the importance of regular sight checks has captured the imagination of parents and schools across the region. This month we began the first in a series of sight testing for schools in parts of the city with high multiple deprivation scores. The clinic has treated many previously undetected problems through early diagnosis, working with children from all backgrounds, with the aim to improve children's knowledge of eye health and to encourage parents to take their children for regular eye checks.

This is the first time we have held a dedicated Kid’s clinic at Concept and feedback has been fast and positively received all day. And yes, we will certainly be doing this again!  

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