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A study published recently by Optegra Eye Health Care, Vision of Britain, revealed yet more startling statistics about eye care in Britain. Our marketing team has been very busy putting these together as infographs today. We at Concept think that it's important that we put your health first and that means thinking of ways to help you understand it. Although maybe a little scary, this information is important!

More than this, we put together a quick list to help ensure that you take care of your eyes as best as you can! Myth can be a big problem in health care, so it's important to know the facts! For example, a terrifying 77% of opticians have heard patients say that they believe cataracts have to be "ripe" before they can be treated! This is untrue and, in fact, leaving cataracts increases a patient's chance of incurring sight loss.

So, then, let's get started!

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Our first tip is, really, quite simple: make sure to get your eyes tested once every two years! 

As we've already said, 44% of adults don't take this easy step. This is despite the fact that one in seven adults worry about their eye health all the time and 39% of the population would describe their eye sight as annoying. However, if we look a little closer, the stats get even worse. A study published by the Royal National Institute for the Blind reveals that 47% of people aged below 34 have not had an eye test in the last two years.

There are two million people in the UK living with sight loss. A whopping 50% of this is believed to be preventable with regular eye tests. Really, there is no substitute for this tip - everything else is preventative. Regular eye check-ups are the only guarantee to good eye health.

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Again, this isn't anything complicated: take a break!

Our eyes are the most active parts of our bodies: they have 2 million working parts and can process 36,000 units of data every hour! As if that wasn't already a work-out and a half, our days are getting longer and the way we work is changing. The British TUC has calculated that adults in full-time employment work around 43.6 hours a week on average. Even if you add part-time work into the equation, we're working an average of 32 hours and 48 minutes a week. Only 50% of the UK's employees are encouraged to take regular breaks.

Vision of Britain calculated that 77% of adults said their eyes felt strained after a day at work. Working with computes can make things worse. A massive 91% of employees working in IT and telecoms said their eyes felt strained after work! 60% of GPs said they thought this industry was more likely to lead to strain. Worryingly, young people are amongst the worst off: 81% of 25-34 year olds said their eyes felt strained after work.

So, make sure you give your eyes a rest, okay?

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To all of our readers with a penchant for make-up: take it off before you go to bed! To all of our readers together: wash your hands! Some more stats:

  • 52% of women do not remove make-up before going to bed. 
  • mongst 16-24 year olds who wear contacts 22% sometimes wear them to bed. Worse, 22% admit to wearing make-up in bed!
  • Only a quarter of adults in the UK wash their hands after using public transport!

To put it bluntly: poor hygiene can lead to infections. It's that simple. Whilst we're all guilty of forgetting to wash our hands after a few drinks, or after a long day at work, this really is very important. 

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This one might be a little bit tougher: stop smoking!

An estimated 19% of the British population smoke, so we might be addressing a smaller audience here. However, this figure is higher amongst young people again: 25% of 25-34 year olds in the UK smoke tobacco. No doubt you already know about the other health effects of smoking, but did you know it can lead to deterioration in your eyes?  Not only do 83% of opticians believe that smoking is one of the main causes of eye health problems, there is evidence to show that smoking can lead circulatory blockages.

So, next time you light up, just have a think about it. There's even support to stop smoking on the NHS!

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This might seem like a bit of a cop-out, but we really can't emphasise it enough: get your eyes tested every two years! 

79% of men and 83% of women in the UK worry about their eyes. 85% of adults said they would rather loss their sense of hearing or their sense of taste than their eyesight. 67% of adults would rather lose 10 years of their life expectancy than go blind! Yet we still aren't getting tested!

An eye test takes only 20 minutes to half an hour every two years. There is no substitute. If we're really going to tackle poor eye health in Britain, we need to get opticians doing what they do best!

* * *

If you need an eye test, you can book at our clinics in Gosforth or in Tynemouth today! We've even got facilities to let you do it online!

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