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Biography of Frames

The Concept Eye Clinic blog keeps you up to date on all the news direct from the Concept flagship clinic in Gosforth High Street Newcastle. Offers, events and new collections. Be informed and be concept life.


Sean Ho

 Oliver peoples newcastle optician

THE ROW is a collaborative iteration on OLIVER PEOPLES' frames. Six unique frames have been produced, combining the classic design of old OP frames, with a fresh feminine flair. What's more, the collection is exclusive to Concept! Yesterday, we gave you a look at a couple of the frames. Today, we've been posting about it on our Instagram all day, so how about the whole collection?

 Optician newcastle oliver peoples

O'MALLEY NYC is front and centre in this collection. A stunning iteration on the classic OP O'MALLEY, this edition is feminine and fresh. Larger in size and with a more striking use of colour, shade and tone than the original, THE ROW's O'MALLEY frame summons a host of images. It is an affectionate nod to the hard-working ethics of a New York city white collar class, pulling in the heavy image of a long day at the office, of frosts lining the sidewalks. Its curves remind the fashion enthusiast of its womanhood. Stunning, striking, with the spirit of New York in its every detail.

 oliver peoples newcastle opticians
 oliver peoples optician newcastle

AFTER MIDNIGHT – an exceptionally understated piece – feels and looks New York. Again influenced by 80s design, the wide ovals of its frame summon a cultural heritage deep behind this period. The image of the writer, the beat poet, jazz deep in the heart of a midnight Big Apple – all are communicated with a simplicity and flair. Thin strips of titanium, a small engraving: that’s all it takes with a master in design.

 oliver peoples newcastle optician

DON’T BOTHER ME is a take on the classic BOTHER ME frame, a vintage-inspired 80s-esque retro shape, that channels the techno-urban sci-fi of Ridley’s Scott’s Blade Runner in its design. With the remix, THE ROW goes further. Gone are all hints of colour: everything is replaced by the jet black sheen of a noir sunglass. It is gorgeous, a stunning tribute to the original.

 oliver peoples newcastle opticians

EXECUTIVE SUITE is an incredible, almost decadent, take on the classic aviator design, first popularised by Ray Ban. A stunning titanium #frame, aesthetically bronzed, gives this piece an elegant edge that harkens to the style of an 80s Wall Street. Well... perhaps a little more progressive. The frame's dips, curves and engravings make for an altogether more feminine piece than would have probably been popular back then. Taking the past forward, this piece fits right in with the boardroom, the penthouse. You can see the vision: a professional woman kicking back after work, watching the sun set slowly over New York's mountainous glass. The lovely orange of the light folding into the trees of Central Park.

 oliver peoples optician newcastle

71ST STREET channels the New York City intellectual with a bold use of acetate - thick, but elegant. The frame summons images that might perhaps be a little picaresque: sipping #coffee in the early sunrise, with a newspaper, removing one's glasses only to glance as beams of light jump from surface to surface, dancing on the monoliths of the skyline. What is certain is that this design holds a sort of lofty appeal, a stunning accompaniment to any trip through cafés, parks, news stands and bookshops.

 oliver peoples newcastle optician
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