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Virtual Realtiy Comes to Concept: the Future is Here

Sean Ho

 optician newcastle technology

The Eyenetra is a signal to the future of eye health. Thin, black casing serves as a viewer – a smartphone plugged in at the end. It might not sound it from just this, but the Eyenetra is a stunning piece of technology – capable of reading your prescription in a matter of minutes. Essentially, it's a virtual reality machine.

To use the Eyenetra is a little bit like playing a game. Look down the sights then use the scrollers to perform whatever tasks it asks of you. A quick tap of a button confirms your actions. The machine even gives you audio feedback as you go!

So what exactly can the Eyenetra detect? The device has been programmed to detect farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), a misshaped eye (astigmatism) and pupillary distance. This information is fed to the app as you play – allowing it to determine the strength of the glasses that you need (or don’t). At the end, it generates a report on your prescription.

The machine has already been put to amazing use through the Nayantara programme. This is a social initiative to provide affordable eye care to those in need, rolled out in India. More than 65% of the Indian population live in rural areas, with bad transportation routes and bad access to health care. The Nayantara programme educates local youth in the basics of eye care, including how to use the Eyenetra, then provides people living in rural areas with this service. Affordable glasses and referrals are provided to those that need them. 5 Eyenetras have already serviced over 12,000 people!

We at Concept have invested in an Eyenetra and guess what? It’s brilliant! We’ll be letting you have a try – completely free of charge – this Saturday in Tynemouth! Rather than using the machine as a full test (it might still miss something), we will be introducing it to screen as to whether you need an eye test. So, come along and give it a shot!

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