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Lying to the Optician?

Sean Ho

A recent study by Optegra revealed some startling figures. Out of a poll of 1,912 people living in the UK, over 50% admitted to lying to their optician. The reasoning behind this is incredibly varied, as are the kinds of lie. The figures are truly astonishing.

 opticians newcastle facts
 optician newcastle facts

As Concept’s founder, Vik Kumar M.D. says, ‘I think some people approach it as if it’s an IQ test.’ Concept would like to make it clear: it isn’t. Eye tests are fundamental to ensuring lasting eye health. As we said earlier this year, over 50% of the two million cases of sight loss in the UK today are believed to be preventable. Your eye test is a health test and your optician is a professional who will not judge you remotely. We understand that it can be anxiety inducing, for a variety of reasons, to attend any form of medical assessment. If you feel anxious and cannot communicate this to your optician, don’t worry. Lying won’t make that much of a difference.

Opticians and optometrists perform two different kinds of test, called an objective and a subjective refraction test. An objective refraction test utilises a computer or a retinal scope. It takes accurate measurements of your eyes, irrespective of what you say. A subjective refraction test is when an optician will ask you questions. Generally, the two align. However, due to the scientific precision of the instruments used, we can tell if you’re lying – at least in regards to your glasses.

We would, however, advise that you stay away from lying about things like your make-up, your lifestyle and so on. Whilst we can, objectively, tell the strength of your eyes and if you’ll need a prescription, the complications can come in where we try to determine why your eyes have changed. For example, if you don’t take your make-up off properly it can lead to damage in your eyes. Your optician isn’t going to judge you for not doing it though – it’s a simple mistake, one that anyone can make. But if you lie about it, we might miss giving you the correct advice.

Where we’re a little mystified is this: 9% of those asked revealed that they lie to their optician because they want to wear glasses. Whether or not you need glasses, you’re more than entitled to wear them. By all means, buy yourself a frame and put in some clear glass. As Concept would argue – glasses are not only a medical necessity, but also a fashion accessory. We have some beautiful frames here and we’re more than happy to sell you some – prescription or no prescription.

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