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Biography of Frames

The Concept Eye Clinic blog keeps you up to date on all the news direct from the Concept flagship clinic in Gosforth High Street Newcastle. Offers, events and new collections. Be informed and be concept life.

The Phenomenal Vinylize, the Exceptional Orgreen

Sean Ho


At the start of this year, Vinylize uploaded an image to their Instagram profile. It had a caption: ‘This year I will be phenomenal.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Everything we’ve seen from Vinylize this year has been nothing short of stunning. The unveiling of their new ICONS collections recently is certainly more than we could have expected. Each of these limited edition frames is a little fragment of the 20th century in music, put together with the utmost regard for its subject matter. These absurdly rare frames are made from old KISS albums and hand-pressed Serge Gainsborough vinyls. One to watch, certainly. However, with only three or four of each frame in existence, Concept has gone for another side of Vinylize.

The new Vinylize collection at Concept is an exclusive to our clinics in Gosforth and Tynemouth. Here’s a peak at a couple of its frames.

 vinylize opticians newcastle

The BRUBECK frame is available as an optical frame or as a sun. A stunning design, channelling the retro soul of the Vinylize project, this masterful craftsmanship is worn by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.

 vinylize optician newcastle

With it being the superhero season at the cinema, our showcase today includes the VALENT frame. As Vinylize proudly state, this is the frame that Superman himself – Clark Kent – would have chosen. Without wanting to presume, we can see where they’re coming from: a sturdy body, wide space for lenses – the frame screams Clark Kent, journalist. It might have ended better for Mr Kent this summer had he picked these frames!

And there are more where that came from! Come into to our clinic to check out the latest from Vinylise. We’d also remind you that every Vinylise is unique. Made from refurbished vinyl records, the grooves in the frame are those same grooves from which music once flowed. The design of your frame is, quite literally, music.

Next on our list is Orgreen. This Copehagen-based designer is the master of precision, producing frames only out of the highest quality materials to be found. Founded in 1997, it hasn’t failed to deliver yet. Every frame that Orgreen produces is a visual masterpiece: sharp, slick & industrial. A brand so precise, that its profile cuts like a razor.

Well, Concept has a new collection from Orgreen. We’re happy to say it’s crystalline as usual. Let’s take a quick look at a couple more frames.

 orgreen glasses optician newcastle

JAVIER 667 is designed to appeal to masculinity in the modern era. Clean, simple & efficient: this frame channels manhood in a functional capacity, without comment on its character. Evoking reference to male actors with a bold performance, titanium is the star of this show.

 orgreen frames newcastle opticians

The inspiration for BARON 457 stems from an unusual location: a 1960’s TV show named The Baron. A Texan antiques dealer is employed by the British secret service. He also happens to be a bachelor. Think James Bond but with a little more based around art pieces. Ideal for any man that prefers a large frame.

Whether its Vinylize or Orgreen you’re after, make sure to pop down to Concept.

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