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Biography of Frames

The Concept Eye Clinic blog keeps you up to date on all the news direct from the Concept flagship clinic in Gosforth High Street Newcastle. Offers, events and new collections. Be informed and be concept life.


Sean Ho

 optician newcastle

How’s the weather?

Stay IN. Love with what you believe IN and be more of who you are. What is happening out there is on our threshhold. Climate change, environmental protection and our human rights traverse the notion of border. Contact and what it means to be human is the first reality. No man is an island. Vicissitudes of debate touches a primal nerve of what it means to belong. And what of us? Concept is a diverse company with an unusual ethos and demographic. With the potential to keep things disparate, yet paradoxically – exactly that which brings us together. Our strength is ‘Made in Britain’ enhanced by the design and technology and cultural lineage of Europe. From the couture vision of LaFont to the Skandi essence of Gotti and Orgreen, we embrace the cool echoes of our shores and skyline. Stay IN the frame. There is no such thing as a perfect family but there is an ideal of what the other side looks like or resembles. Ivor Cutler was a philosopher and poet of these uncertain, dark times: 'Imperfection is an end; perfection is only an aim.’ It is rather more impactful to make a difference from within. Closer, we can protect and change. If our union didn’t exist, we would have to create it. There’s artistry yet in this.

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