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My Vision Profile by Zeiss

Vik Kumar



We use our eyes during every second of our daily lives and our visual world is as unique as our finger print. With My Vision Profile by Zeiss, we can help find a solution that will best suit you and your world…


At Concept Eye Clinic, we use Zeiss Vision Lenses as they have a reputation for offering excellence in optical performance across a wide range of prescriptions that can suit your lifestyle and visual habits. Through My Vision Profile, our opticians at Concept can gain information on the challenges your eyes face in everyday life so they can precisely tailor a Zeiss lens solution to you.


Whether it be through work or our personal time, technology and digital devices have now become part of our everyday lives. On average, we spend five hours viewing our smartphones, tablets or TV screens every day and we look at our mobile phones an amazing 80 times a day! All of this affects our vision.

Other factors such as driving and changes in light and weather alongside viewing navigation devices, demand the utmost performance from our eyes, which can result in eye strain. It’s important that your eye care is tailored to accommodate for this.


With My Vision Profile by Zeiss we can determine your personal vision habits and your visual requirements. Using analysis tools, My Vision Profile can understand how you use your eyes in the working world, your daily activities, digital activities, mobility and leisure activities, and from this your very own personal Vision Profile will be created.

Once you have your profile (which recommends a lens solution from ZEISS that is precisely tailored to you), bring it along to our team at Concept Eye Clinic as a printout or QR and our team will test your vision and examine your eyes to find the perfect pair of lenses and frames to suit you.

Take your own My Vision Profile here:

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