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The Concept Club is for everyone! Free Tom Ford's or any frame you love, when you sign up to Club Complete. Or maybe you would prefer Club Clear or Club Contact. Other benefits include the best eyecare with top of the range specialise eye health technology, great deals on contact lenses, and access to the latest trends in sunglasses.



Club Concept

Club membership is designed as an intelligent and affordable way to access eye care without compromising on individual style.


Other benefits:

·       Every club member will receive FREE eye tests for the full duration of their membership. Regular checks are the key to good eye health.

·       Concept will test your eyes and care for them using the latest in eye care technology. Our OCT scans and ultrasonic cleaning will make sure that you get the best care possible.

·       The Biography of Frames, our monthly newsletter, will keep you up to date on our practice. We’ll let you know about any events, competitions or sales at Concept.


How does club work?

Unique to Concept, this is an interest-free payment scheme to help you access premier eye care and purchase designer spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses and any additional frames you require from our latest collections.

Each club is bespoke to your needs and includes ALL sight test examinations, contact lenses not only at cost price but ‘buy one get one free’, £100′s off additional spectacle purchases and the benefits of continuous sight after care for a small monthly fee. Additionally, all consultations are free when you join one of our Clubs!

You will make extraordinary savings and will be able to compare the benefits. Whatever your prescription we will advise you on the best value membership for your individual needs as your club is bespoke to your life-style, health and well being.


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