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If you would like to book a sight test at either our Gosforth or Tynemouth clinics follow this link (book a sight test)  


123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999

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Contact Us

Call us to book your appointment, or find your nearest clinic: Tynemouth Front Street or Gosforth High Street in Newcastle. We are here to give you the best vision possible, keeping you stylish and on trend.


Head Office - Gosforth Clinic
High Street, NE3 1HB
Mon: 9:00/5:30    Thur: 9:00/6:30
Tue: 10:00/5:30       Fri: 9:00/5:30
Wed: 9:00/5:30      Sat: 9:00/5:00

Tynemouth Clinic
25 Front Street, NE30 4DX
Mon: 9.30/5.30     Thur: 9:30/5:30
Tue: 11.00/5:30     Fri: 9:30/5:30
Wed: Closed    Sat: 9:00/5:00
SUNDAY (SEASONAL) : 11:00 /4:00

Sunderland Clinic
Tynedale Eye Clinic
Unit 11. Newbottle Street

Old Number: 0191 567 2312
Mon: 9:30/5:00    Thur: 9:30/5:00
Tue: 9:30/5:00    Fri: 9:30/5:00
Sat: 9:30/5:00

The Experience

Located in the heart of Gosforth, Tynemouth and Sunderland, Concept Eye Clinic combines vintage glamour with state-of-the art optical technology to provide you with an exemplary eye consultation. Whether browsing through frames carefully sourced from across the globe, or whilst waiting for your clinical appointment with a coffee, the experience is disarmingly relaxing.

Our expert team of Dispensers and Optometrists will help and guide you every step of the way for your eye care needs, we will ensure that you receive a first class service. We will help make a patient journey seamless and comfortable, from booking your first appointment to helping you choose the right frame, lens or indeed club. Our relationship with you is based on trust and will leave an indelible imprint. At Concept, we inspire love and loyalty by simply being the best at what we do.

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