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Concept Corporate is an easy, effective and simple way to get your employees the eye care they need when working with VDU displays. We offer a service tailored to your needs as a company. We are unique and will work alongside you to ensure a high level of care. As with our clinics, Concept Corporate aspires to offer only the highest quality of service and product possible. 

Health and wellbeing

As an employer you will need to ensure that any of your employees working with VDUs receive some form of eye care plan. This works out best for your employees and for you: their health is assured and their work won’t suffer.

As a company that runs outreach services to nursing homes, elderly people across the North East and schools in IMD areas, Concept knows the value of health. We firmly believe that good eye health, and the care which comes with it, offer an immense improvement to an individual’s standard of life. In this sense, we would invite you to join us in championing a cornerstone of our ethos: “health for health’s sake”.

Concept Corporate meets all regulations for VDU assessment and prescription.

A service designed for you

Out corporate eye care plans are flexible for your business. Your employees can be tested in the workplace or, if you’d prefer, can be directed to any of our four clinics. Our aftercare is equally adaptable, fittings available in or out of the workplace. The price of our service will be negotiated with you, based upon on how many employees you have and other factors.

In addition to our promise to adapt to your needs, we can offer additional health packages to supplement our eye care plan. Concept has contacts elsewhere in the health services sector and will happily help you connect.

What you want for your employees is our foremost concern. If you let us know what you need, we’ll let you know what we can offer to fit the bill. The ability of our service to meet your needs is open to any request: we’ll even grant special offers to your employees.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs with our service: the price stated will cover the service agreed. More than this, Concept will not charge you in the instance that one of your employees doesn’t take an eye test that we had agreed previously. You will be charged only for what we do, not for a contract. 


To contact Concept Corporate for enquiries, please use We will get back to you as soon as is possible.

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