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If you would like to book a sight test at either our Gosforth or Tynemouth clinics follow this link (book a sight test)  


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Concept Eye Clinic is an independent, boutique optician with two clinics based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We stock the cutting edge of designer eyewear.

You can use the form below to recommend us to your friend. Simply enter the details requested and we will contact you both to book your appointments. 

Your friend will receive £25 off their purchase at our clinics in Gosforth and Tynemouth after you have referred them. Once they have made a purchase we will give you a gift voucher for £25 toward your next purchase. There is no limit to the number of patients you can refer.

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We are delighted to welcome back our ‘Healthy Eyes’ family campaign. This highlighters the importance of regular eye examinations for children and young people, as their vision can change so quickly. As children grow, eye problems detected earlier can be addressed. 

Recent research by the National Eye Care Programme has shown that less than 38% of children in the UK have regular full eye examinations. 

In partnership with local schools, Concept Eye Clinic will hold dedicated, family friendly clinics where you will receive the following: 

  • FREE eye test for your child (2-16 years);
  • FREE eye test for the whole family, and;
  • FREE designer UV protection sunglasses for each child with their appointment. 

Due to the campaign's growing popularity amongst schools, we encourage you to book appointments as early as possible. Just get in touch with us in either Tynemouth or Gosforth!


0191 285 1603


0191 296 6124


Concept Eye Clinic was founded in 2008. As an independent, boutique optician, Concept focuses on style, innovation and – above all else – on quality. Concept adheres to values of professionalism, high quality service and innovation. We produce all of our marketing material in-house and make use of the latest in eye care technology. 


email us: info@concepteyeclinic
Gosforth: 0191 285 1603  or  Tynemouth: 0191 296 6124

Concept Eye Clinic, High Street, Gosforth, NE3 1HB
Concept Eye Clinic, 25 Front Street, Tynemouth, NE30 4DX

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