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Founded on the relaxed West Coast, Oliver Peoples truly are the masters of the laidback, retro frame. This frame is looking for those wanting to make an understated statement. Boasting a gradient combination of black to clear, its subtle quirks are what make this frame a masterpiece. FREE on the concept club, click here to find out more information >  
frame 4.jpg
Hand crafted in Italy, featuring this acetate frame - an intergalactic spectacle. A strong square shape holds everything in place and an added bonus - it's sustainable and made from over 50% renewable materials. By far the most individual look in the collection. FREE on the concept club, click here to find out more information >
frame 5.jpg
Oversized and versatile, the all new effeminate shape is feather weight & eco-friendly. Its smooth curves and urban colour make this frame a perfect mix of androgynous, yet chic.  FREE on the concept club, click here to find out more information >


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Autumn Collection 2016

The telltale crunch of browning leaves pressed underfoot is upon us. Autumn is here and with it must come a change in fashion. The light, airy clothes that characterise a Summer wardrobe are replaced by jumpers, raincoats and scarves. Concept is here to guide you through the process of changing from your Ray Bans to something more suited to the new season.

Our first designer in the Autumn range is Oliver Peoples. Whilst OP’s marketing revolves around its identity as a Californian brand, we’ve chosen to include it for its visual qualities. OP make discerning frames, elegant in their design, with colours that find common ground with an autumnal pallet. These wonderful pieces will fit effortlessly into an ensemble that tastefully reflects the vibrate landscapes of the harvest season.

Stepping up the glamour in our collection is a range from the luxury designer Chopard. Based in Switzerland, Chopard give emphasis to craftsmanship and  high  quality,  valuable  materials.  Each  of  their 

frames is infused with a little decadence. For those of you that want to pull off the flair of a luxury frame like this, a Chopard can set off any outfit. Confident, high-quality eyewear for the darkening nights.

To complete the collection we have two more staple designers – Tom Ford and Götti. These frames are stalwarts of any designer collection, boasting vibrant, durable and confident frames that look good in any situation.

As the nights get longer and the air gets colder we all need to wrap up. We at Concept know that this doesn’t need to come at the expense of style. Come to one of our clinics and our style consultants will talk you through our Autumn collection, giving you any help that you need to pick out a frame. We’ll stick the kettle on for you too. It’s getting cold out there.