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Summer Collection 2016

A Savage Beauty / Alexander McQueen

His sun spectacles are coveted pieces of art - though he would claim not to know much about art. From darkness unto light. The multi award winning British designer was the man who brought couture seduction back into fashion with an inspired edginess that belied his own demons and untimely death. Lee Alexander McQueen cut his cloth with an unholy baptism into fashion from the old school proprietorial but, impeccable roots of Saville Row, and what a talent was unleashed to the world. Alexander McQueen transformed the world of couture.


At the helm of Givenchy, his reputation as the l’enfant terrible of the fashion world was sealed when he described it’s legendary founder as ‘irrelevant’. His own collections titled ‘Widows of Culloden/ Highland Rape and VOSS fascinated audiences with their pagan theatricality, and heart wrenching beauty. In one show, the audience were reflected back from an enormous centre piece tableau glass box which after an uncomfortable age, suddenly illuminated inside with moths, a naked model on a chaise lounge, wearing a gas mask, watching the audience as the glass panes around her, fell

 away and shattered. 


“This is why my shows always throw people completely: one minute I see a lovely chiffon dress and the next minute I see a girl in this cage that makes her walk like a puppet...”


From Bjork to Bowie, McQueen’s renegade style and artistry was sought by those who held their own fierce individuality, privacy and re-invention – but he was democratic in his child like desire to share: “There’s no-one I’d like to dress more than anyone else in the world, I’m afraid. I can’t think of anyone who deserves such a privilege!” He chose models who defied the mainstream: ethnic, voluptuous, bodily modified, or an amputee. A sense of belonging, finding his place in his Highland ancestry underpinned his enigmatic quest. At Concept, we love McQueen. His vision for fashion was anarchic like the man himself.


Feature / Keep Safe From UV


Extended exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays has been linked to eye damage. In fact, prolonged exposure has been linked to some quite serious conditions: cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis. The World Health Organisation estimates that as much as 20% of all cataracts are the result of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation!

The good news is that eye damage due to ultraviolet rays is completely preventable: a decent pair of sunglasses will absorb 100% of the potentially dangers light. So, even though your eyes are healthy, how about protecting them in style? Concept has a stunning range of sunglasses, from the Italian elegance and poetry of Persol, to the American king of roads, Ray Ban.